ACI Sail training center

Within its ClubSwan 36 training center, ACI Sail offers training, knowledge transfer and preparation services to all ClubSwan 36 sailboat owners, professional sailors, guests interested in purchasing the ClubSwan 36 sailboat, and all participants eager to acquire new sailing knowledge and skills.

The training center, located in ACI marina Split, Croatia is the first and exclusive ClubSwan 36 center in the world. The training center is designed as a sailing excellence center, unique in the world and reserved for professional sailors and enthusiasts who have no experience. Today, the training center is a place where you can find all the conditions, knowledge and equipment you need to overcome the greatest sailing challenges and refine your sailing skills at the world-class level.

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Training camps

• Intensive four-day sailing courses (boat preparation and trimming, boat steering and maneuvering, sail trim, strategies and tactics, starting, round marking etc.)
• Training races with a fleet of 6 ClubSwan 36 sailboats
• A team consisting of the best sailing coaches with experience in the Olympics, fitness coaches, strategists, tacticians and nutrition experts
• Regatta crew available on request
• Complete package that includes transportation, lodging, food and drinks and hospitality team during Training Series

Duration: 4 days
Location: Croatia

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Individual trainings

• Private coaching services - consultations with the Head Coach
• Full-time private coach dedicated to analyzing sailing every day - video analysis
• A detailed guide to customizing sails in consultation with a sailor designer
• Regatta crew available on request
• Complete package that includes transportation, lodging, food and drinks
Hospitality Manager on service 24/7

Duration: 2-4 days
Location: ACI Sail ClubSwan 36 Training Center - ACI Marina Split, Croatia or other location according to the client needs.

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Regatta charter

• ClubSwan 36 race ready sailing boats
• North sails 3Di set of sails
• Boat captain mandatory
• Complete logistics and delivery included
• Regatta crew available on request

Duration: On request
Location: In Europe

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Corporate sailing

You can choose one of our standard routes for team building programs or our corporate regattas. At your request, courses and locations can be adjusted depending on the duration, the desired level of sailing, the desired sporting activities, and the affinity for gastronomy and culture.Discover the Adriatic coast like never before. Sail fast and safely, relax and enjoy the tastes of Dalmatia and Istria and share your experience with corporate partners. Gather your teams which may consist of up to 36 people, and we will do our best to enable you to experience many great moments..

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