ACI Sail 1st training camp: Sailing tips and tricks from Croatian master of match racing

ACI Sail 1st training camp: Sailing tips and tricks from Croatian master of match racing

ACI Sail first international training camp in Split, Croatia is behind us.  Intensive four-day training aiming to accelerate the sailing knowledge for both professional and amateur sailors led by our experienced coaches.  We bring you the insights from the participants of this hands-on, customised programe.

We’re glad to share with you some experiences from our training sessions in Split. We had great weather and sailing conditions in Croatia. In the famous racing course in the front of the city where legends of sports such as Dean Barker, Peter Gilmour, Bertrand Pacé and James Spithill sailed during ACI Match Race Cups we had four exceptional days of sailing with two German crews and one local, Croatian crew. It was a good mixture of experienced sailors and complete amateurs or beginners. In the ACI Sail training camp, guys tried for the first time mighty ClubSwan 36. And they were hooked…

‘For us, it was a perfect way to make our crew work better for the start of the new season. Weather was perfect and it was fun sailing on new ClubSwan 36 and using foils. We sailed downwind at speed of almost 19 knots. We’ve learned many new tips and tricks and at the end, we can say that this is the hardest way to earn a T-shirt (lough). But also the sweetest way ‘, referred German sailors.

Training series was held under the guidance of the head coach Tomislav Bašić, current World Champion in ClubSwan 50 class.
‘It was good four days of training and sailing. They are motivated crews and for me, it was a pleasure to work with such keen sailors. They were pushing me all the time: let’s stay longer, let’s do more… It is an easy job for the coach with that kind of crew’, said Croatian ‘master’ of match race.

Finally, we asked sailors what do they think about ACI Sail team and Tomislav Bašić as head coach. ‘You have a great team and the boats were also pretty good prepared. Tomislav has a lot of experience in all kind of boats. He gave us a lot of useful inputs about boat handling and sailing manoeuvres’, described German guys.

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