ClubSwan 36


European Yacht of the Year 2020
Innovation Award

“The design and production of ClubSwan 36 were attended by the world’s top experts, who with great dedication and focus sought to create a sailboat characterized by an incredibly fast hull, made using the latest technology, but also with superior handling characteristics in all conditions.”

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ClubSwan 36, the winner of Innovation Award at European Yacht of the Year 2020. This new 11m (36ft) long, high-performance sailboat was developed and manufactured by the luxury sailboat manufacturer Nautor’s Swan. The entire experience of this Finnish manufacturer has been invested in the design process and detailed hydrodynamic studies of the designer Juan Kouyoumdjian have been used, with the sailboat as a final product featuring timeless and authentic design and top performance.

It is intended for a crew of 7 sailors, both professional and amateur.

The ClubSwan 36 can be compared to a high-budget sports car. It will allow you to experience the incredible and unrivaled feeling of sailing at speeds of over 20 knots while pushing the limits, but at the same time, you will feel absolutely safe. Even if you are not a professional sailor, this boat will get the best out of you and allow you to achieve incredible performance, even in a real race.
To ensure the superior structure of the sailboat, the hull is made using the e-glass epoxy sandwich, with carbon reinforcements on the keel grid and lateral bulkheads.
The innovative C-foil will generate a combination of side and vertical forces related to the boat speed and heel angle. While sailing above the speeds of 15 knots, the C-foil creates additional buoyancy resulting in “skimming” or “hovering”.
The ClubSwan 36 sailboat is featured with a modern look and the design is conceptualized to take into account the needs of the crew and the usability of the deck itself. The design is based on how the deck will be used: all that is superfluous has been removed, adding back only what is needed for efficient crew placement and how the crew moves together.

The deck is equipped with a total of seven Harken winches, two of which are for the trim of runners, two for the trim of the mainsail and two for jibs or kites. The seventh winch is placed in the central position and it is used to control the C – board and halyards.
For best performance and maximum efficiency, the location of the winches and their angles are extremely important.
Similar to a dinghy, all the cleats for the deflector, cunningham and vang are placed on both sides of the yacht to be easily accessed by the mainsail trimmer.
To make the deck look as clean as possible and to keep the interior space dry and protected, the solution of ​​removable panels was used.