Onboard on ClubSwan 36 Goddess: I learned as much in the week as I did in five years of training before

Onboard on ClubSwan 36 Goddess: I learned as much in the week as I did in five years of training before

‘The boat from ACI Sail was extremely well prepared and Ivan formed a team in basically no time. He was pushing us and we achieved an excellent result’

ACI Sail at Swan Tuscany Challenge

At Swan One Design Worlds the fleet of ClubSwan 36 contested the Gold Cup. Six teams from Italy and Germany formed the competition. ClubSwan36 class champion – Vitamina and third place winner – Goddess sailed ACI Sail’s ClubSwan36s and our project manager Ivan Kljaković Gašpić was a tactician on Goddess.

ACI Sail’s services include the charter of the ClubSwan 36 for regattas. The Regatta Charter implies the chartering of boats used for regattas in Croatia and the Mediterranean and is intended for professionals and anyone who wants to test sailing skills at sea in a real regatta. For the German team, it was their first regatta in fierce competition. And they did it very well, as you can read in their testimonial.

We were just back from Swan One Design Worlds where we had Ivan Kljaković Gašpić in the team. We did rather well, this is due to two factsIvan was pushing us as a team, he was pushing us like hell. He gave us a really hard time on the boat. Out of a group of individual sailors, six-plus Ivan, he formed a team in basically no time. But we achieved an excellent result. We finished third in the championship. The boat from ACI Sail was extremely well prepared. Ivan and Marin, who prepared the boat, were doing a great job. I think I learned as much in the last week as I did in five years of training before. It was a great experience. So I’m looking forward to next year and I hope we can improve upon this final result. We will go to Split for another session of training in the spring and we hope to bring forward the experience and the performance. And with the ACI Sail training series in Split, I can assure you that you will improve your sailing skills very fast‘, described Nikolai Burkart, the owner of ClubSwan 36 called Goddess.

ACI Sail ClubSwan 36 Training Centre offers all sailing enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals, a chance to improve their sailing abilities, push their boundaries and find immense pleasure in this activity.

‘Our greatest ‘weapon’ is expertise. In addition to experienced sailors, the ACI Sail team also consists of experts on land who will take care of the logistics. From the very start, the mission of all of us at ACI has been to create a centre of sailing excellence, which will be unique in the world, because of the state-of-the-art ClubSwan 36 sailing boats, the world’s first exclusive ClubSwan 36 training centre and the Adriatic itself as one of the best sailing destinations.’, explained ACI Sail project manager Ivan Kljaković Gašpić.

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